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Joining us from school or college

Bord na Móna has a number of career options for school or college graduates, including our:

Apprenticeship Programme  

We are proud to support apprenticeships in conjunction with FÁS. Apprentices are the craftspeople of the future who can develop modern high-tech skills in our workshops.


Apprentices’ progress is reviewed on a continuous, structured basis through assessments that combine course work with practical and theoretical assessments.
During the on-the-job training phases of apprenticeship, the apprentice’s competence is assessed to a pre-specified standard by the employer.


On successful completion of all assessments over a period of four years the apprentices will be awarded with a FETAC Level 6 Advanced Certificate. This Level 6 Certificate has national and international recognition and is a compulsory requirement for craftsperson status.

Average Annual No. of Apprentices: 4

How to apply:

The apprenticeship is advertised on the Bord na Móna websites mid August.


A photo of Shane PrendergastShane Prendergast is an apprentice at Feedstock’s works in Ballydermot, Rathangan, Co. Kildare.

“I started as an apprentice in February 2010 in Derrygreenagh and have been here in Ballydermot since July,” says Shane, who is a qualified architectural technician.“It was a bad thing for me when the construction industry failed, but I’m over the moon with how things have worked out,” he says.

Shane joined the apprentice programme having worked in production on Bord na Móna bogs from June until October 2009, when he moved to the company’s coal depot in Dublin Port. “I finished there on a Friday and started the apprentice programme the following week.”

Now, he is an apprentice construction plant fitter, servicing machines such as locomotives and tractors, used in peat production.“There’s no such thing as an average day. Work might be carried on from the day before, or you could get a call out to the bog to a machine that isn’t working. We head out by tractor or rail, diagnose the problem and fix it there if we can. If the problem can’t be fixed on site, it’s back to the works to weld, cut and fabricate as required. Going out on site is great, because you’re learning on the job as you fix the problems.”

Ballydermot is also a natural home for Shane. His father and uncle currently work there and his grandfather used to work at the Kildare site. “There’s a lot of history there for me,” he says.

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Graduate Programme  

Through the Company’s Graduate Programme, we are committed to introducing individuals at early career level who will bring the latest academic knowledge to contribute to the Company’s overall strategy. Our Graduate programme helps Graduates to improve their future career prospects by providing bespoke training, ensuring that we provide personal, business and technical skills to take your career where you want it to go.

We offer a comprehensive Graduate Development Programme, during which time the graduates taking part:

  • Gain experience across a number of commercial areas, in different roles that involve challenging and varied tasks.
  • Work with different people across our businesses with each task being carefully selected to maximise their learning potential. 
  • Enhance skills through specific training and development courses based around our ‘Behaviours for Success’ competencies. This focus will enhance an organizational culture built on the core values that drive our business. Read more about our company’s values.  
  • Attend graduate learning days to meet business leaders and gain unique learning insights into key projects  
  • Network with other graduates  
  • Gain guidance and support from a business mentor
  • Receive on-the-job training from experienced professionals.
  • Learn and develop in a changing organisation and have the opportunity to make a real difference.

On average, the Company recruits a total of five Graduates each year, in a variety of disciplines such as Finance, IT and Business. All Graduate are full-time employees who benefit from the following:

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Pension
  • Bonus based on your performance
  • Discounts on our products
  • Educational Assistance Programme
  • Travel Pass Scheme – Discounted LUAS, Bus, and Train schemes
  • Cycle to work scheme

Details of the Graduate Programme are advertised in early summer on our website Twitter account @BordnaMónajobs and also on the Irishjobs website, with our new intake of Graduates starting in October.



A photo of Aoife Fitzgerald

An interview with Graduate Aoife Fitzgerald, currently working in the Group Marketing department in Bord na Móna.

1. When did you join the Graduate Programme and what roles have you worked on since you joined?

I joined the Bord na Móna Graduate Programme in October 2011. For my first placement, I worked in Executive Support reporting directly to the Chief Financial Officer. My second placement in Group Marketing began in April 2012.

2. How did you find the recruitment process at Bord na Móna?

I found the recruitment process to be thorough and provided a great way of learning more about the company and its different businesses.

The online ability tests can prove tricky so I would advise all applicants to practice them as often as possible and be prepared and relaxed prior to attempting them.

Everyone involved in the process was very helpful from day one and provided support when required. I found the first round interview quite informal and relaxed which I felt helped me to be myself. The second round interview was more formal and required me to complete a presentation to a two-member panel. I know from fellow graduates who have joined the Graduate Programme since that the presentation title changes for each new set of recruits and can be project-specific.

3. What responsibilities are included in your current role?

In my current role in Group Marketing, I will be working on marketing activities for ANUA Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe as well as working on the promotion of events in Lough Boora Parklands. I studied Marketing in college but have never had the opportunity to use it in the workplace before so this will be a great chance for me to put the theory I have learned in the past into practice, as well as being a new and exciting challenge for me.

4. How would you describe the culture at Bord na Móna?

The culture in Bord na Móna is friendly and inclusive. People are willing to help and support new colleagues even with small challenges. Bord na Móna is a very progressive work place to be a part of with innovation and change a core part of the company. As a result, the people in Bord na Móna are constantly striving to better themselves and improve their work practices. This makes Bord na Móna an exciting place to work as the company transforms.

5. What do you think future graduates would want to know about Bord na Móna?

Bord na Móna is an innovative company that is moving with the times, constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and diversify. There is a long history within Bord na Móna of employing new graduates and nurturing and honing their skills and this continues today.

The Bord na Móna Graduate Programme gives graduates the opportunity to work in different businesses and departments throughout the company. You get a great insight into various aspects of the businesses during each placement and get to work with a wide variety of people. This opportunity would rarely arise for those who join the company outside of the Graduate Programme and it provides a wonderful opportunity to gain vast experience that can be used in a future career either within Bord na Móna or with a different company.

Each new graduate is assigned with a business mentor whose advice and help is a great support to the graduate.

HR also provides a significant support to the graduates, helping new recruits to find their feet in the company and giving practical and helpful advice. They are always there should graduates come up against any issues in the workplace. Regular workshops are conducted where all graduates can meet and update the group on their placements which also gives the group the chance to get to know each other better.

6. How does Bord na Móna differentiate itself when it comes to being an employer of choice?

Bord na Móna’s history and tradition stood out for me when I was applying for the Graduate Programme. Bord na Móna has always been a well known name and a company that is highly respected. I think its change in recent years from the traditional Bord na Móna of old to the modern, diversified company it is today is a real attraction to new graduates. It is not a company that is satisfied to continue doing what they have perfected over the years. It wants to be challenged and this sense of change comes from director level all the way down through the different businesses.

7. Describe your Bord na Móna experience using five words.

Challenging, exciting, enjoyable, rewarding and positive.


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Work Experience 

Work experience gives students the opportunity to see how a business works. At Bord na Móna, students receive experience in providing clerical or administrative support, however some students may receive experience in other areas of the business. Please note that prior to commencing work experience, the student must supply us with a Letter of Indemnity from their school/college.

Annual No. of placements: 8-10
How to apply:

Applications are accepted all year around. We accept applications by email at careers@bnm.ie. We then assess whether or not there is a business requirement for the placement and reply to the applicant accordingly.


Rachel Byrne speaks of her work experience in Bord na Móna. “I got a wide variety of experience through my work placement in Bord na Móna. I got a very good insight into civil and mechanical engineering and the work that takes place in the science labs. I learnt a lot about how a company works through my time in marketing, and I was able to experience a consumer focus group and work on new product development.

The atmosphere was lively and friendly and everyone took the time to show me around and help me settle in. There was such a great buzz about the place. I was well looked after and everyone was keen to share their knowledge with me. I learnt loads and enjoyed myself doing it.”

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JobBridge Programme 

Bord na Móna are delighted to announce their participation in JobBridge, a government initiative which is designed to offer jobseekers the opportunity to enhance their current skills and develop new ones. Find out if you’re eligible
Successful interns will retain their current social welfare allowance plus they will receive an additional €50 per week top-up which will be paid to them by the Department of Social Protection (DSP). This top-up will be paid for the duration of the internship.

How to apply:

We currently have no JobBridge vacancies, but please check back regularly for updates.

Read more about this initiative.  


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