Character at Lough Boora Parklands Rehab Waterways event


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has formed the basis of our engagement with communities, customers and all our stakeholders since Bord na Móna’s establishment.

Our heritage is rich with examples of commercial and socio-economic activity, focused on people and resources, resulting in employment, housing and securing fuel and energy supplies for Ireland. Our present and future CSR activities are underpinned by our vision ‘A New Contract with Nature

It sets out our ambition to continue to work with and understand the resources we use and the people and communities we serve. CSR is a part of our management approach and an integral part of our sustainability agenda under the dimensions of People and Planet.  Full details are available in our Sustainability Report to view or download.

Below are some of the CSR initiative that took place in 2010/2011.

Health & Wellness Programme

Our Health and Wellness Programme was launched in April 2010. The overall aim of the programme is to promote wellness of the body, mind and spirit through simple, everyday activities.  During 2010/2011 the programme focused on four key themes, which included: General Health, Physical Health, Nutrition, Health and Safety.

Learning and Development

We continue to place very high emphasis on continued professional development and training. Our training plan identifies all the relevant training needs in line with the priorities of the businesses and a schedule of training is produced. Learning and Development

The table below shows the number of training days and hours provided by Bord na Móna in 2010/2011. It also highlights the number of participants and the number of courses that were held.

2010/2011 Number of participants in training courses
Training days 3,446
Training hours 27,570
Number of attendees 4,937
Courses 687

Find out more about our Learning and Development programme in the People section of our Sustainability Report .

Educational Support

As part of our wider People Development Strategy, we continue to offer educational support to employees. The level of interest in and request for support from the educational fund has grown considerably since 2009/2010. Learn more in our Sustainability Report.

Sponsorship/Programme Involvement

In 2010/2011 we sponsored and supported a wide range of events. Summaries of some of these events are shown below:

Rehab Waterways Adventure

In 2010 the Rehab Waterways Adventure was proudly sponsored by Bord na Móna. The 2010 Waterways Adventure was both a disability awareness raising and a fundraising initiative.

It involved a heritage boat, called the Neuwe Zorgen, setting sail for two weeks, visiting towns and villages throughout the midlands of Ireland. Each stop on the Rehab Waterways Adventure was marked by a public event, where family entertainment was provided. The final stage of the journey culminated in a very colourful event at Lough Boora Parklands in Co. Offaly.


Biodiversity Action Plan In 2010/2011 we stepped up our efforts in protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of our peatlands; we launched a Biodiversity Action Plan for the company that coincided with the International Year of Biodiversity Carbon.

We commissioned reports on both an emissions reduction strategy and a carbon strategy for the company; and we participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project.


Co-firing and Reducing Carbon Intensity of Energy Generated

We significantly increased the use of carbon-neutral biomass co-fired with peat in our Edenderry power station leading to further displacement of peat as a fuel for electricity generation; this enabled us to reduce the carbon intensity of our generated electricity.

Biomass for co-firing, peat dilution, co-firing

Peat dilution in growing media

We increased the use of green compost leading to further displacement of peat in our retail growing media products. A key emphasis for our Horticulture business over the past few years has been the development of sustainable peat diluted products, including our Growise range, containing green compost which is uniquely manufactured at our green waste composting facility in Kilberry, Co. Kildare.

Green waste composting at Kilberry

Incredible Edibles Campaign

We are supporting the ‘Incredible Edibles’ campaign that is organised by Bord Bia in 2010/2011. Over 200,000 school children are growing their own fruit and vegetables on special vegetable patches at school.

We are supporting this initiative by supplying 1,000 primary schools with 3,000 bags of their Growise compost. Pupils were encouraged to sow and grow five different varieties of vegetables and fruit. This initiative is providing school children with the opportunity to learn about healthy eating, sustainable living and to understand the origin of the food that they eat.

Sustainability Report

These are just some of the intiatives we undertook in 2010/2011.  More details of our CSR programme and activities can be found in our most recent Sustainability Report.