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We have always been at the heart of communities; from the groups of workers brought together on our bogs, to those gathered for comfort and company around the warm glow of an open fire.

These days, a community need no longer surround you physically, but can bring together people with a shared interest, a hobby, a shared need. So why not gather around the warm glow of the pixels on your screen – welcome to our community.


bnm fuelBord na Móna Home Heating

Whether we are sharing BBQ ideas in the summer- or suggesting a good book or movie to enjoy in front of a warm fire in the winter months, you’ll find plaenty of family-friendly tips, competitions, recipe ideas and more on the Bord na Móna Fuels Facebook page and Twitter account @BordnaMonafire. Share your experiences throughout the seasons and connect with us online. 


bnm growiseBord na Móna Growise

You’ll find gardening tips, hints and outdoor inspiration a plenty on our Facebook Page, Twitter account @GrowiseGarden and YouTube channel. We’re here to help you keep your garden looking its best all year round. Even if you are not blessed with green fingers, we’ll have lots of advice and support for all of your gardening exploits.


Bord na Móna on LinkedIn

Follow Bord na Mona’s LinkedIn Company Page for access to our latest news updates, company reports and current career opportunities.






Lough Boora Discovery ParkLough Boora Discovery Park

Nestled in the heart of Ireland, Lough Boora Discovery Park is a haven for outdoor and nature enthusiasts, photographers and artists alike. There is something for everyone – our Facebook Page, Twitter account @LoughBooraPark and YouTube channel will give you a head start on discovering the natural beauty and wonder this free amenity has to offer year-round.


Bord na Móna Jobs

Keep up with our current career vacancies on Twitter @BordnaMonaJobs. We’re tweeting opportunities available at Bord na Móna’s locations across Ireland, whether you are starting your working life as a graduate or apprentice, or looking to further your career with Ireland’s leading environmentally responsible integrated utility service provider.



Having been around for more than 80 years, Bord na Móna has seen and been part of its fair share of Irish history. During that time, we’ve provided employment to thousands of people, taken part in the development of towns, as well as policies, and moving and changing with the changing times. Join us on our journey and learn more about the history and heritage on our Heartland Facebook Page.