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Naturally Driven Heroes

Over the summer, we went on a search for #NaturallyDriven heroes around Ireland who were doing their bit to live more sustainably. Whether it involved making a small change at home or a community wide effort, from the ordinary to the quirky and inspirational, we heard from people all over the country. Our search for #NaturallyDriven heroes was a partnership with Today FM’s own sustainability champions Dermot & Dave.

The search, inspired by our commitment to leading the change to a more sustainable future, invited people and communities to share stories and tips on how they are doing their bit to live more sustainably in how they consume and conserve energy, recycle or even repurpose their waste and make the most of the natural world around them.

When everyone is playing their part, small things can be heroic.



You told us how you are Naturally Driven

To inspire potential #NaturallyDriven heroes  to get involved, the Naturally Driven team including TV star Mairead Ronan and architect and designer Declan O’Donnell had a series of tips and advice on what it takes to be live sustainably on our Facebook page.

The video series offered tips and invited viewers to share their own every day sustainability tips on areas like making the most of their compost bin, minimising unnecessary packaging, ensuring their homes are properly insulated making them more energy efficient, getting their family and friends outdoors encouraging them to explore everything that nature has to offer and making the most of garden and green spaces by growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Three inspirational Community Heroes including Ballymun’s Rediscovery Centre, championing sustainability through resource efficiency and reuse; The Recreate Centre, promoting creativity through reuse and the Small Changes Café also offered their expert tips and perspective on every day sustainability.


Our Naturally Driven Café

On Tuesday October 3rd, we hosted a live broadcast of the Dermot & Dave TodayFM show at our very own Naturally Driven Café. Our pop-up café was powered by positive energy, where nothing was wasted, every product told a story and so did the staff. Check out the Bord na Móna Facebook page or the Bord na Móna Twitter page for posts from the show at our café. We were delighted that some of our Naturally Driven heroes, chosen from their submissions on our Facebook page, were able to attend the Naturally Driven Café to share their own inspirational sustainability stories and tips.

The wonderful community of Crosshaven, County Cork hosted our Naturally Driven Café and we were delighted that so many members of the community came to celebrate our #NaturallyDriven heroes on the day.