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OurLand at Body&Soul 2017

We’re bringing Positive Energy to life at Body&Soul this summer and leading the change for a more sustainable Ireland.

Bord na Móna at Body&Soul 2017We are delighted to sponsor the daytime activities at the renowned Woodlands Stage at Body&Soul and bring positive energy to life. OurLand is a celebration of the natural world around us, and the positive energy created by some of the leading lights across the land. It will be taking place across three stages, we will host an eclectic mix of musicians, nature experts, artists, actors, illustrators, photographers, makers and more to share their work, help get people involved and have a lot of fun in the process.

The varied program will feature creative presentations, nature and art workshops, live music moments, positive energy sessions, engaging readings, screenings, live radio sessions and much more. Situated in the forest area, and open from noon to early evening, we hope to make this a place of inspiration, play and interactivity, proving the power to nurture and power positive energy.

We’ll have three stages; Positive Energy, Earth and Air. There are plenty of surprises to be revealed and we can’t wait to welcome you to our forest full of fun.


Positive Energy StagePositive Energy Stage

Taking place on the Forest Stage, the Positive Energy Stage will kick off each day with yoga and mindfulness sessions before beginning our creative programming. Programming like OurLand through Others Eyes, where we ask creatives to show how they’re inspired by the land we live on, theatre performances, a Bug and Butterfly Ball, reimagined Irish music and some very special performances, all underneath the specially installed art installation. The centrepiece of the space, we hope this becomes the beating heart of the daytime for festival wanderers and families alike.


Earth StageEarth Stage

The Earth theatre space will welcome a wide, wild and varied program of nature experts and their friends, Bord na Móna energy specialists, Naturally Creative presentations by Ireland’s best talent, screenings inspired by Ireland, and Irish stories, told out loud, by our special guests and their friends. Get up close with real animals and bugs residing at our specially built Mini Beast Hotel, find out about the Future of Energy and where we’re going to get it, discover more about You and Your Impact on this earth, and there’s lots more to be explored over the weekend, as your schedule develops.


Air StageAir Stage

For the Air Stage, we’re inviting festival goers to stop by and, most importantly, get involved. We’ll give them the tools and the skills to make amazing things happen, in collaboration with our experts and each other. The MakeSpace workshops will encourage people to customise raw materials to make them unique. Elements which we’ll later make into installations, art pieces and more. We’ll also play host to live music workshops, help people create Unstruments with natural world elements around them, and our hosted art workshops will unlock our attendees’ creative flair. Everything we create will make its way into the space, and beyond, as we prove the power of positive energy to make incredible things happen.