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Our Company

At Bord na Móna we see it as our duty to play a leadership role in shaping a better future.  There can be no doubt that this will be driven by an innovation and sustainability agenda.

This is at the core of our organisation’s vision ‘A Contract with Nature‘.  The one thing that comes with this is the constant need to change.  Markets change. Economic conditions change. People change. Governments change.  Change is something that we have constantly embraced at Bord na Móna and our ability to adapt to change is a key reason why we are one of a minority of global companies who have survived the last 75 years.

Our Businesses

Our core business has expanded beyond the harvesting of peat, the activity that gave our organisation both its name and its reason for existence for much of the 20th century.  The pillars of our future are renewable energy, resource recovery, environmental products and consumer products.

Learn more about our ANUA, Consumer & Professional, Resource Recovery, Feedstock, Power Generation, Land and Property and Strategic Infrastructure Development businesses below.

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Explore our history and heritage, the rehabilitation of our cutaway bogs and amenities. Learn about our on-going engagement with communities and customers.

Corporate Information

Read our latest Annual and Sustainability Reports – view them online or download them.


See the Bord na Móna Innovation process.  View innovation case studiesSubmit an idea to Bord na Móna.


Learn more about our approach to sustainability under the three headings of People, Planet and Profit. View our latest Sustainability Statement.


See how we conserve the biodiversity and natural heritage of our landholding.  View of download our Biodiversity Action Plan.