International Peat Society and community

International networks

Our knowledge and experience of peatlands is put to use not just in managing our own bogs, but in assisting and advising the international community

Bord na Móna is very active within the International community on a number of levels. In particular, the company is represented well on the International Peat Society and the European Peat and Growing Moss Association.

International Peat Society

The International Peat Society (IPS) is a non-governmental, non-profit multidisciplinary organisation of scientific, industrial and regulatory members. Currently it has 1,450 individual and institutional members from 36 countries.

The mission of the IPS is to bring people and organisations together to foster the advancement, exchange and communication of scientific, technical and social knowledge and understanding for the wise use of peatlands and peat.

To achieve its goals, the IPS, via its Commissions and National Committees regularly organises conferences, symposia and workshops, publishes research results from science and industry and serves in general as a forum to bring together experts from different fields of business, science, culture and regulatory bodies dealing with peat and peatlands.

Commission V

There are ten Commissions in the IPS. Dr Catherine Farrell of Bord na Móna is Chair of Commission V: Restoration, rehabilitation and after-use of peatlands. As part of the role, Catherine attends international meetings and conferences, participates in the development of international peatland policy and co-ordinates workshops and symposia to demonstrate practical restoration and after-use of peatlands that have been utilised. These include workshops in Belfast (2009), Jyväskylä, Finland (2010), Québec, Canada (2011) and Stockholm, Sweden (2012). Recently Catherine organised a session on Bog Restoration and Sphagnum farming at the International Peat Congress 2012 in Stockholm.


Catherine has also facilitated discussions on the development of the IPS Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management. This strategy was developed with input from conservation groups and industry, to serve as a guide for policy makers throughout the world.

For details on these activities, annual reports and proceedings, check out the International Peat Society publications page

Irish Peat Society

Bord na Móna also is represented on the Irish Peat Society (Pat Fitzgerald, Secretary and Catherine Farrell, Vice-Chair). The Society is chaired by Dr Catherine O’Connell of the Irish Peatland Conservation Group. This group has organised interesting workshops on a range of topics: Peatland Utilisation in Ireland (2006); Carbon and Peatlands (2007); Turf-cutting in Ireland (2008); Abbeyleix Bog Restoration (2009), Mullagh Bog Restoration (2010), Informing the National Peatland Strategy, Clara and Tullamore (2011) and Managing the Western Peatlands, Erris, Mayo (2012). The Irish Peat Society events can be followed on their Facebook page.

The next Irish Peat Society even will be held in Kerry, October 14-16th 2013. The details can be found on their Facebook page.

The International Peat Congress will be held in Kuching, Malaysia in 2016. This follows the very successful International Peat Congress that was co-ordinated by the Irish Peat Society and held in Tullamore in 2008 and the meeting in Stockholm in 2012. 

Other international networks that Bord na Móna is involved in are: