Decarbonisation and Sustainability

Company Profile

Just as Ireland’s needs and priorities have changed over 75 years, so too have those of our company. Our core business has expanded beyond the harvesting of peat.

Sustainable Solutions

It is widely accepted that we, as a global community, need to find a more sustainable way of producing power and conserving resources. Here at Bord na Móna, we are putting great effort into finding new ways to contribute towards a sustainable future. The decarbonisation of our products and services is integral to this goal.

Our focus on decarbonisation has led us to become the leader in large scale renewable energy projects in the Midlands of Ireland. 

We are investing heavily in Biomass to co-fuel our Power Station in Edenderry. We are also using Biomass in the development of lower carbon home heating fuels.

Our resource recovery business is focused on recycling the maximum volume across its customer waste streams, ensuring that only the minimum amount of waste ends up in landfill. Our horticulture business is combining our traditional peat products with a range of quality biomass products.

This environmental imperative is not just a matter for new infrastructure and development. Throughout Bord na Móna employees are being encouraged to see how we all can as individuals reduce waste and our carbon footprint.

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Delivering Change through Innovation

Our new direction will deliver a sustainable business for all our stakeholders. The pillars of our future, which are renewable energy, resource recovery, environmental products and consumer products, will be firmly planted in innovation.

Our innovation management process is fine-tuned to respond to our customer’s needs and anticipate future trends. We aim to jump the curve by developing solutions to problems that may not exist yet.

Innovation is at the centre of our activities, from engaging with communities, to improving our products and services.

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Future Land Use

As guardians of an extensive land holding, approximately 80,000 hectares located mainly in the Irish Midlands, our goal is to generate commercial, environmental and social value. Working land has been primarily used for peat harvesting, which then goes on to be used as energy or horticultural growing media.

A substantial amount of bogland has been conserved for its high biodiversity value. Our other land has been committed to future uses, such as forestry, tourism and amenities, industry, infrastructure, aggregate production, water storage and energy.

Biodiversity Action Plan

In 2010 we launched our Biodiversity Action Plan which is due for renewal at the end of 2015. Natural heritage and biodiversity is an integral part of good environmental management. For this reason, we place enormous value on maintaining our natural heritage and encouraging biodiversity wherever possible.

It is our responsibility to ensure that land formally used for peat production can revert back into a rich ecosystem. As we reduce our levels of industrial peat production it is essential that we plan for the future. At the core of this plan is sound environmental management and our Biodiversity Action Plan.

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Platform for Growth

‘Today, more than ever, the refrain of our company as a vehicle for economic growth in our communities rings true. It is my intention to ensure the future of this great company towards 2030 and beyond.’ – Mike Quinn (CEO)

Bord na Móna has been undergoing seismic changes in recent years. We are in a transition between traditional peat-based activities and a future engaged in thriving sustainable businesses.

Our intent is to become the leading figure in each of the markets in which we operate. This plan is underpinned by five key areas of focus; Growth, Human Capital, Sustainability, Market Leadership and our Joint Venture with Coillte.

You can find further information on our performance and future plans in our most recent Annual Report.