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Anua – Environmental

Anua, our environmental business, operates across four key market sectors: residential, commercial, municipal/utilities, and industrial in continental Europe and North America.

Our Company

Anua is an internationally recognised leader in the design, manufacture and installation of a portfolio of differentiated, sustainable technologies, offering Clean Air and Clean Water solutions to customers, from key locations throughout Europe and North America.  Our focus is to continue to design Clean Air and Clean Water technologies that lead to greater water conservation, energy reduction and reduced chemical demand, while continuing to provide superior solutions to householders, communities, municipal/utility, industrial customers, leading to significant benefits for our environment.

Our innovative solutions portfolio includes;

– Packaged wastewater treatment systems
– Water recycling solutions
– Chemical free odour and VOC abatement solutions

The name Anua is derived directly from the Irish word “Athnuaigh” meaning “Renew”. Over the past number of years we have set about renewing our business strategy for today and tomorrow’s commercial environments, with a proactive focus on better understanding customers current needs and anticipating their future requirements.

This commitment to renew fits in with our strategic intent to continue focusing on innovation and the process behind innovation, service excellence and capitalising on our collective skills in a “One Team” approach to everything we do. This commitment involves a process of transformation and growth and is reflected in our name “Anua”

At Anua we are committed to quality. It is our policy to provide environmental products, solutions and services that meet the expectations of our customers and the recognised industry standards.


Over the past 25 years, Anua has built up a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the design,  manufacture and delivery of sustainable solutions in the Clean Air and Clean Water sector, all tailored to meet the requirements of the regulators and our residential, commercial, municipal/utility and industrial customers.  Today we have over 50,000 wastewater treatment units installed in Europe and North America and over 650 odour abatement installations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Our operations are built on efficient integrated internal structures providing the highest levels of customer service and quality.  The wide range of skills and expertise of our multi-discipline team and the continued focus on innovation ensures a flexible, competitive, confidential and customised quality service for the customer.  The future lies in our ability to innovate, always being outward looking, aware of the environmental and market needs and being responsive to them.

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