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Environmental operates across four key market sectors: residential, commercial, municipal/utilities, and industrial in continental Europe and North America.

We are operating under a new name. This name, Anua, is derived from the Irish word ‘athnuaigh’, meaning ‘renew’. In many ways it suits us not just as a name, but as a whole philosophy and outlook for our company.

As Anua, we are entering an exciting new generation of innovation with a fresh approach to the way we do business. Now is the time for us to renew our efforts to preserve the natural environment, renew the way we go about developing business and to extend our involvement in sustainable resource management.


In the past fifteen months, there have been a number of significant changes. Our former operational centres have merged to form one facility.

The new facility began operations in February 2011. This new facility brings many environmental and economic benefits:

-      lower energy costs due to the higher insulation value of the building

-      lower carbon footprint due to the fact that all activities are under one roof

-      use of natural gas, a greener alternative to the kerosene-based heating systems at the old facilities

-      implementation of systems to identify, manage and reduce waste within the manufacturing operation

-      elimination of costs previously incurred by the necessity of moving components from one plant to another

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North America

Our business in North America has been built on a sustainability agenda to provide clean air and clean water solutions.

Here, the distribution network has been expanded by recruiting three new channel partners in the commercial/developer sector and 13 manufacturers’ representatives to support access to the US municipal markets.

We also have an Innovation Centre located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The centre plays a very important role in displaying our range of technologies in wastewater treatment, water re-use and in volatile organic compound (VOC) control.

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Anua in Ireland provides a range of innovative wastewater management, water reuse and odour and VOC control solutions. Our technologies include:

  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Water reuse solutions including rainwater harvesting
  • Odour and VOC abatement
  • Environmental monitoring and laboratory services

We focus on water conservation, energy reduction and reduced chemical demand while providing superior performance to homeowners, communities, industries, municipalities and significant benefits to our environment.

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