Fuels Bord na Mona


Moving beyond peat based products and towards a sustainable future with the introduction of a number of lower carbon solid fuels.


Although our iconic fuel item is the peat briquette, we actually hold a large number of non-peat products. Clever products like our wrapped firelighters or Eco Logs have been growing in popularity since their launch.

An increasing number of people are installing solid fuel burners in their homes to reduce energy costs. To cater to this market we have developed a variety of products, including Kiln Dried Hardwood and Stove Fuel – the latter of which is recommended by Waterford Stanley as their preferred stove fuel.

At Bord na Móna we are moving towards lower carbon solid fuels. To reflect this, we have introduced a high-quality range of firewood products like our kindling and new wood pellet products.




In the last year, Bord na Móna supported Waterford Stanley’s successful heat week promotion and also introduced a new Stove Log product. Our Stove Log is being rolled out across key retailers this year. Over the past year you may have seen our Fuels business represented at busy events such as the Ploughing Championship, Ideal Homes in Dublin, and a variety of local and national trade shows.


The solid fuel industry is at a point of significant challenge for a number of reasons. In particular, the challenge brought by the expanding range of legislative pressures on the business. The imposition of carbon tax on solid fuel has added significantly to the retail prices of coal and briquette products (up to 20% over the last two years).