Edenderry Power Turbine

Power Generation

Our aim is to grow our power generation business to become a leading renewable electricity generator, serving  the all – island Irish market.

As part of our move towards renewable energy generation, we aim to generate in excess of 500,000 MWh of green electricity by 2015. This will be enough to power over 90,000 homes.

We have a number of existing power generation assets, including the Edenderry peat/biomass generating station, the Cushaling peaking plant and the Bellacorick wind farm. We also operate and maintain the Drehid landfill gas unit. 

We are also developing further power generation projects, so that in the future we can contribute to the security, reliability and sustainability of the Irish electricity system.

The focus of these new projects is to enhance our renewable generation capacity. By 2020 more than 50% of our installed capacity will be renewable technologies. A Key Performance Indicator for the business is to reduce the carbon intensity of the electricity we generate by >70% in the decade to 2020.

Our innate strengths also provide a platform that supports the offering of cost-effective energy solutions to the market place, through the Energy Services unit.

Mount Lucas wind farm 

Powergen Key Operations Data
  December 2014 Year-to-date from Jan 2014
Electricity Generated (MWh) 104,948 945,243
CO2 Emitted (tonnes)* 55,563 694,660
Emissions Intensity (tCO2/MWh) 0.529 0.735
Co-firing Rate (% at Edenderry) 19.48% 27.15%
RES-E Generated (MWh) 41,027 313,981
RES-E Generated (%) 39.1% 37.4%
*Data not yet verified as part of EU ETS data verification process    

Information updated: 13/01/2015