Bord na Móna and Sustainability


We implement sustainability under three dimensions – People, Planet and Profit. Each of our businesses individually focuses on key initiatives and specific goals or targets to deliver on our sustainability agenda.

Sustainability ReportThese initiatives and goals are helping to transform us in a sustainable manner into a leading provider of products and services across our renewable energy , feedstock , clean air and clean water technologies , resource recovery, horticulture and fuels .

Find out more – view or download our Sustainability Report 2012/2013. Read our policy on peat and peatlands.


Overview of Key Figures and Performance Indicators

Description Metric
Carbon intensity  in Bord na Móna’s electricity generation 0.95 tonnes CO2/MWh
Peat dilution in Horticulture 24%
Peat dilution in Edenderry power station 13.5%
Municipal solid waste diverted from landfill 57%
Peatland biodiversity baseline conditions mapped 40,000ha
Health and Safety Training Hours 9,646
Days training delivered 3,446
Turnover 382m
Turnover from sustainable activities 82m
Planned investment in R&D/Innovation in next 5 years 50m
Planned capital investment in green business in next 5 years 340m

Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

Our vision ’A New Contract with Nature’ underpins Bord na Móna’s mission, objectives, strategy and values and sets out a clear sustainability path for the company. It means that all of our business activities, both direct and supporting, will become increasingly sustainable from an environmental and social point of view while continuing to yield profits.

This not only drives demand for innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges facing the current activities of each of our operating business units, but also acts as a necessary filter for screening new business development opportunities to ensure ultimate strategic fit.

Climate change is the single biggest issue facing us. Here in Bord na Móna, we’ve set out objectives for our company – a roadmap for the next 15-20 years, which will transform each of our businesses, make us one of the largest renewable energy companies in Ireland, and a leading provider of sustainable products and services both at home and internationally.

Everything we do will be consistent with those objectives. We see the commercial implications that arise from this as an opportunity for Bord na Móna.