Policy on Peat & Peatlands

Our corporate vision “A Contract with Nature” contextualises Bord na Móna’s mission, objectives, strategy and values and sets out a clear sustainability path for the company.

This means that all of our business activities will progressively become increasingly sustainable from an environmental and social point of view while continuing to yield perennial profits.

This not only drives demand for innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges facing the current activities of each of our businesses, but also acts as a necessary filter for screening new business development opportunities to ensure an appropriate strategic fit.

What this sustainability agenda means for peat and peatlands is:

  • We are not draining or opening any additional bogs or peatlands
  • Our use of the existing drained bogs and peatlands will be in accordance with the International Peat Society’s Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management (PDF 777KB).
  • The peat and peat-based products we offer to our markets will be progressively diluted either as a proportion of particular product volume or in terms of overall volumes supplied.
  • We place biodiversity at the centre of our sustainability agenda. Read our Sustainability Statement 2013/14 (PDF 501KB) to find out more.
  • We support the principle of peatland conservation as outlined in our Biodiversity Action Plan (PDF 4,415KB).