Home Heating

Bord na Móna fuels – keeping you warm throughout the Winter, keeping things cooking in the Summer

Known and loved for our peat briquettes, these days we have a lot more on offer to help you bring the magic and comfort of a real fire into your home with reliable easy to use fire lighting and long lasting fuels products. Our range includes:

  • Coal
  • Stove fuel
  • Convenience range
  • Outdoor range, including BBQ grill and charcoal 
  • Wood range
  • Peat briquettes

Bord na Móna is constantly working on exciting and innovative products.

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Convenience Range

Everyday life is busy, which makes your time more valuable than ever. Our convenience products make lighting your home fire quick and simple.

We provide a wide range of fire lighting solutions – including our individually wrapped Singles, Firelighters, FireLog, Stove Log and Firepak®. The newest innovation to the range is our Pine Scented FireLog, bringing a natural aroma to your home when you’re lighting a fire. 

Our products are available in almost all supermarkets, convenience stores and forecourt outlets. You can get us on 1850 744 755 to find your local stockist.

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Peat briquettes, coal and stove fuel

At the heart of our home heating range is the iconic Irish peat briquette. As relevant now as they were 80 years ago, our peat briquettes are smokeless and suitable for open fires and stoves.

As well as our standard 12.5kg bale of briquettes, we offer loose briquettes and peat nuggets (40kg bag). Our peat fuels don’t just bring you the warmth you love but also that real fire smell. A real glowing fire that can make your home feel just a little more special.

Our range also includes coal – Bord na Móna, Black Diamond and Suttons Polish Coal are highly regarded because of their superior quality. Polish Coal is easy to light, and burns with a long radiant flame giving lots of heat.

Our smokeless coals give a cosy glow, great heat, comply with all smokeless legislation and are ideal for use in smokeless zones. 

New for the 2015/16 winter season is an expanded range of high quality smokeless coals, with colour coded packaging that is also designed to be cleaner in terms of coal dust. Newly introduced 10kg smokeless coal bags have an easy to carry handle, making it more convenient to bring coal home to the hearth.

Bord na Móna has developed a range of fuels specifically designed to help you get the best from your stove, along with other fuels that are suitable for both open fires and stoves. Whether you want a consistent, long-lasting fire with medium heat or a hot short burst of fire quickly, we have the perfect fuel to suit you.

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