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Mountlucas Walkways and Cycle Tracks

Mountlucas wind farm was developed with more than just wind energy in mind. Its other role is that of an amenity for the local community. Walkways and cycle tracks are there for anyone to avail of free of charge.

Delorean Brereton
Local Resident, Mountlucas

Mountlucas Walkways and Cycle Tracks

“The walkways and cycle tracks at Mountlucas are a wonderful asset for the community. The really wonderful thing is that so many people use them in so many different ways. The running club do their time trials there, it’s used for organised runs, couch to 5k events, people just going for a run and of course the cyclists as well as people who are just going for a walk.”

With so much more traffic, country roads aren’t that safe to use anymore so it’s great that we have a place that everyone can safely use and enjoy. All generations use it. I know of people in their 80’s go there for a walk and one man remarked to me that it has a great surface for walking on. Children in the locality use it. I don’t cycle on the roads anymore because of safety concerns but I use the cycle ways in Mountlucas.

As well as being of practical use, Mountlucas is a really beautiful place. Whatever the season it has the special beauty that comes from being so remote and removed from the noise of everyday life. In the summer tourists come there to see the habitat and enjoy the expanses of bog cotton, bulrushes and an environment you don’t get in many places now. It’s a very calm natural environment full of peace and quiet and a great place to go and reflect. It’s a very relaxing place, great for mental wellbeing and getting things in perspective. It’s a great asset to the community and for myself and everyone who uses it couldn’t be happier that Bord na Móna provided it.“