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Energy Efficiency

People spend most of their time indoors – at home, at school, at work, in fact on average between 80% – 90% of our time is spent inside a building. Energy efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate and produce fewer greenhouse gasses, which is good for you and the environment. Check out our top tips for making your home more energy efficient.

Top Tips for Energy Efficiency

  • Fridge door use: Don’t leave the fridge door open unnecessarily. Every 10-20 seconds the door is open it takes 45 minutes to cool to original temperature using a lot more energy than we need to.
  • Bleed radiators: Trapped air causes radiators to run inefficiently and the best way to relieve this is by bleeding the radiators regularly. You’ll notice an instant improvement in heat output. Don’t forget to also get your boiler serviced regularly.
  • Avoid power showers: They use 125 litres of water in under 5 minutes while a regular shower uses 35 litres in the same time so keep them short.
  • Lighting changes: A simple energy saver – did you know that halogen bulbs are 10-20% more efficient than other blubs? You can also have low energy lighting – make sure to use low watt LED bulbs.
  • Use the microwave: There is no need to use the oven for every meal. Did you know that a microwave uses 20% of the energy a full size oven?
  • Switch off television: When you’re not watching the TV switch it completely off. When it’s on standby it can use as much as 10%-60% of the energy if the device was switched on
  • Insulation: Keep the house snug and energy efficient by having proper insulation in the attic- you can lose 25% of the heat in your home through your roof. Have good insulation in your walls too – 60% of your energy costs go into heating, keep that heat in your home.
  • Prioritise shower over bath- You may like to relax and soak in the bath but did you know that a regular shower uses only 20% of the energy of a full bath?
  • Solar system: Consider a solar hot water system for your roof to meet 50-60% of your hot water requirements per year
  • Keep it bright: Paint walls in bright colours as they reflect 80% of light while dark colours reflect less than 10% of light
  • Oven tips: Don’t open the oven door unnecessarily – you lose 20% of the accumulated heat in the oven when you do.
  • Keep cool: Turn down the temperature on your heating thermostat a notch to save energy and cost. You can also turn down the temperature on your boiler.
  • Use what you need: Heat your home when you need it ~ use timers or smart heating controls to help manage your heating. Turn the heating off 30mins before you go to bed.
  • Appliances, go unplugged! Don’t leave appliances on standby! Switch them off when they’re not in use – smart plugs can also help here.
  • Energy monitors: monitor your energy through a smart device and app and learn about your energy consumption so you can track your savings!
  • When you have to use the clothes dryer – add a dry towel to the wet load, can help reduce costs

Be Inspired

All the trends are pointing towards 2018 being a big year for positive changes in the household. Sustainability is no longer a niche topic but not everyone knows where to start or how they can play their part.

This is where we want to help. With a team of experts we have identified projects that everyone can put in to action in their home.

We will be partnering with families across Ireland where we work with them, side by side, to take on projects that will bring about a positive and lasting change both in their home and their wider community.

Watch this space for regular updates from the families and learn about their experiences through the small changes they are making.


Discover the benefits of a smart home thermostat

Family Tasks

Our Energy Efficiency family will be working alongside our experts to make changes in how they become more efficient with the energy in their home.  Keep up to date with what they will be doing and if you are making energy efficiency changes in your home maybe you too could try these some of these tasks and see the difference they make.

  • Task 1: We want families to measure their household energy usage. One way to do this is with a smart home thermostat. Bord na Móna have partnered with The Hub Controlller to help our family reduce your energy bills. For families who have installed a smart home thermostat or who are planning to have one installed we’re asking you to monitor your energy usage over the summer and share your progress.
  • Task 2: Making small changes can be easy and we are asking families to make a small switch. We want families to replace all the light bulbs in the home. By changing to LED lights, we want families to track and report back on their energy savings. On average you should see a savings of 85% on your energy consumption which is great for the pocket.
  • Task 3: Energy Efficiency in the home can seem daunting but installing Solar PV Panels or insulation of the walls or attic can dramatically help with the energy bills. If you have installed Solar PV panels or wall or attic insulation you will have noticed the difference in home comfort and on your bills.  If you are planning to do this over the summer in preparation for the cooler weather in the autumn and winter keep us posted on your experience and the differences that these changes have made.

Let us know how you’re getting on. Find out how our families are getting on too and get involved with a growing community on our Facebook page