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Board Committees

There are four standing Committees of the Board which operate under formal terms of reference

The members of the Risk and Audit Committee as at 28 March 2018 were Denise Cronin (Chairman), John Farrelly and Barry Walsh. The Committee met seven times during the financial year. The Committee meets periodically with the internal auditor and the external auditor to discuss the Group’s internal accounting controls, the internal audit function, the choice of accounting policies and estimation techniques, the external audit plan, the statutory audit report, financial reporting, risk management and other related matters. The internal auditor and external auditor have unrestricted access to the Risk and Audit Committee. The Chairman of the Committee reports to the Board on all significant issues considered by the Committee and the minutes of its meetings are circulated to all Directors.

The Remuneration Committee deals with the remuneration and expenses of the Managing Director and senior management within Government guidelines, Human Capital Planning, Succession Management, Pensions and other HR matters. The members as at 28 March 2018 were Geoffrey Meagher (Chairman), Elaine Treacy and Gerard O’Donoghue. The Managing Director attends the Committee except when his own position is being discussed. The Committee met seven times during the financial year.

The Finance Committee considers the financial aspects of matters submitted to the Board, including the Annual Budget and Five Year Plan, and the procurement, disposal and leasing of land, buildings and facilities. The members as at 28 March 2018 were Geoffrey Meagher (Chairman), the Managing Director, Kevin Healy, Denis Leonard and Paschal Maher. The Committee met once during the financial year.

The Health & Safety Committee advises the Board on Health & Safety matters within the Bord na Móna Group. The members as at 28 March 2018 were Gerard O’Donoghue (Chairman), Philip Casey, Seamus Maguire and the Managing Director. The Committee met four times during the financial year.

The Board Evaluation Committee carries out annual Board evaluations, appoints an external board evaluator as required and advises the Board on the outcome of the evaluation process and any corrective actions required. The members as at 28 March 2018 were Barry Walsh (Chairman), Paschal Maher and Elaine Treacy. The Committee met twice during the financial year.


Attendance at Board and Committee Meetings

The table below summarises the attendance of Directors at Board and Committee meetings which they were eligible to attend during the year ended 28 March 2018.

DirectorBoard Meetings Attended/EligibleCommittee Meetings Attended/Eligible
G Meagher (Chairman) (from 20 Oct 2017)6/64/4
M Barry (MD) (from 16 Oct 2017 to 16 April 2018)6/66/6
D Cronin11/128/8
E Treacy10/127/9
G O’Donoghue11/1211/11
B Walsh10/1210/10
D Leonard10/121/1
J Farrelly11/126/7
P Casey11/122/4
K Healy12/121/1
S Maguire11/124/4
P Maher10/123/3
J Horgan (Chairman) (until 26 Sept 2017)5/54/4
M Quinn (MD) (until 15 Oct 2017)6/66/6