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Bord na Móna BioEnergy will both source and supply sustainable biomass

Sustainably Sourced

Our supply chain adheres to the company’s own standards, National regulations, EU regulations and industry best standards regarding sustainable supply of biomass materials. The company’s policy is that 100% of biomass materials sourced and used by the company will be independently verified as sustainably sourced.

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There is currently no universal certification system covering the international sourcing of biomass. In the absence of a single comprehensive certification code, Bord na Móna adheres to all regulations covering sustainability in Ireland, and in the case of overseas supply, in the country of origin. The company also adheres to a number of independent verification processes and industry standards regarding sustainable biomass supply.  It should be noted that the EU is also currently reviewing the certification and sustainability criteria for the future use and supply of biomass in Europe (post 2021). While the scope and detail of the new rules are in process, it is the company’s policy and intention to enforce and adhere to the new EU standards once they are enacted.