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Visit Mountlucas Wind Farm

Organise a guided tour of Mountlucas Wind Farm for your group, club or school. Learn about the wind farm and how it operates, as well as the history, archaeology  and biodiversity of the area

General site visits – unguided

Mountlucas Wind Farm is open for anybody who would like to explore the area. Bord na Móna has created a 7km public walkway-cycleway around the wind farm. This trackway is ideal for a number of activities including:

  • bird watching
  • nature exploration
  • cycling
  • walking
  • running

The walkway-cycleway is accessible all year round (except December 21st) during daylight hours – free of charge. It is a great location for walking and cycling enthusiasts alike; and would also be a wonderful setting for a family day out. We look forward to welcoming you to Bord na Móna’s Mountlucas Wind Farm soon


Guided Tours

Mountlucas Wind Farm is an ideal place to learn about renewable energy. Your guide will explain how the turbines were built, how they work, and will answer any questions you may have about wind farms.

Mountlucas Wind Farm archaeology

During the construction, we worked with appropriate agencies including the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht to ensure that the area was properly excavated for historical artefacts. A number of items of interest were uncovered – including a Fulachta Fiadh, an ancient cooking area, which you will see on your tour. Toghers, ancient timber roadways, were also discovered and carbon dating indicated that these artefacts date back to early neo-lithic period – circa 5,000 years ago.


There are many examples of flora and fauna to be found at Mountlucas Wind Farm such as the rare round leaved wintergreen. Birdlife includes: swans, ducks, red grouse, pheasants, herons and many more.

School tours

If your school is taking part in the “Greenwave” initiative, Mountlucas Wind Farm will provide a perfect example of a renewable energy development project to students. Bord na Móna is offering schools a contribution towards transport costs. This can be discussed when organising your tour of Mountlucas Wind Farm.

Guided tour information

Admission: Free
Guided Tour Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Booking: Booking is essential
Contact details: Phone: 087 1175756 or contact us here
Length: 2 hours approx – Includes: Presentation and video of site on arrival followed by guided tour of site by bus
Facilities: Car & Coach Parking, 7km walkway-cycleway and toilet facilities