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Fundraising for Temple Street

Daniel Conville is from Carlow town where he lives with his Fiancée Amy and his two girls Gemma and Ava. Working as a Master Data Analyst in the Financial Shared Services Centre, Daniel is responsible for the supplier and inventory master data.

“What I like most about my job, I would say, is the people that I work with. When there’s lots of change happening, there are often challenges. But when everyone around you is willing to help out with anything it makes a huge difference. The knowledge and experience that’s all around the company is also brilliant for someone like me. I’m learning new things every day, and as I’m currently studying with Certified Public Accountants, it’s a great help to be in an environment like this.”

How it came aboutMarathon Pic (Gemma + Ava)

Running marathons for Temple Street came about when my now 7 year old daughter Gemma was born. She had a condition called C-Cam which meant that she had huge cysts in one of her lungs. We spent nearly 2 months staying in Temple Street as Gemma needed to be monitored very closely because of the condition. At 5 weeks old Gemma’s condition worsened and major surgery was needed to remove the cysts. The surgery was very risky and we were fearing the worst. Against the odds, the surgeon (Dr Sami) removed all of the cysts perfectly and told us that everything went well. Now, 7 years later, Gemma is running around the place without a care in the world!!

When we eventually got Gemma home, I gave up smoking and started running to keep the cravings at bay. Naturally as I got fitter, I started thinking about marathons! I thought that if I can raise some money while doing something that I enjoy anyway, then why not!! Since then, I’ve done 5 marathons and as long as I’m able to, I’ll keep trying to raise money for Temple Street!! I could never thank the staff there enough for what they did for us. I’ve witnessed first-hand how good they are and how much they need every penny that’s raised for them.

How the day went

The day went pretty much as I expected. I hadn’t trained this time as much as I should have so I was expecting lots of pain in the last 6 miles. I was in bad shape near the end but the crowd helps and they keep you going! I had my 2 little girls there with the “Go Daddy” banners too so that really helped!  Near the end, there was some cursing and swearing that I’d never do it again, but I never really mean it!! It was great to see so many other runners with Temple Street t-shirts on too who will all have their own stories to tell.

How much was raised

Approx €700, a lot of this was given by Bord na Móna colleagues which was greatly appreciated.

Where the money goes

  • Intensive Care unit has recently been renovated, costing €2.5 million
  • Michael’s B ward has recently been renovated, costing €1.68 million
  • Incubators
  • CT Scanners
  • MRI Machines
  • Medical Research
  • Accommodation for parents of sick children

What’s next?

I would love to see if I can go a bit further than marathon distance someday and have my eye on a few ultra-marathons. Maybe a 50 km or a 39.3 mile run, we’ll see!  If Temple Street want me to run for them, then I can’t really say no!!

How you can help this great cause

If you would like to volunteer like Daniel then get more information on how to volunteer here

And if you would like to donate to the charity then click here