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Runamuck for Sensational Kids

How the Idea came about

A small group of diehard keep fit enthusiasts meet each Monday in Moore Abbey woods in Monasterevin for a circuit training class under the instruction of M-Fit (Monasterevin Fitness). Occasionally the members would take part in 5km-10km runs and other events and the idea to participate in the Runamuck challenge came up and there was great enthusiasm for it as some of the guys had partaken in it the previous year and it was a great success. Once we all agreed we would get involved we decided if we were doing the challenge and getting mucky in the process why not do it for charity. Some of us in the group have children who avail of the services of “Sensational Kids” in Kildare town so we decided to raise sponsorship for the charity and get dirty along the way.

Who was involved

Nine members of M-Fit class registered for the event that took place on 17th October 2015 in JohnstownBridge, Co. Kildare. We travelled over in convoy some of us not knowing what to expect. The day itself was exceptionally mild, which was a bonus meaning there would be less chance of muck, or so we thought!!

Runamuck 2

What the day went like

There was approx. 3,000 people taking part in the event over the course of the day kicking off at 11am in waves every 5 minutes. Thankfully we were in an early wave at 11.20am which ensured there was not as much muck around the course as the later waves to go. But being a “Runamuck” event means running, sitting, sliding, jumping down river banks and over bales of hay into muck so there is no chance of avoiding it… as the pictures show. Whilst I envisaged the level of muck on the course I did not think I would have as much fun or laugh as much as we did the whole way around. Most people there on the day were doing it for a charity and there was a huge array of charity t-shirts on display showcasing the fantastic commitment the Irish people have to raising money and doing things for charity.

Where the money will go

The money will go a long way towards providing specialist therapy sessions to children who attend its facility. The charity is self-funding and receives no government grants so all donations / sponsorships are vital in its existence