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Land to Wind Farm

Bord na Móna was established by the Irish government in 1946 to strengthen the security of energy supply and stimulate the economy of the Midlands

Since then our company has diversified into many different businesses. Today, securing of energy supply is still a priority but with a focus on sustainable solutions. The European journey towards a cleaner energy future has created economic, environmental and social opportunities for Ireland. Meeting this challenge needs to be done in a sustainable and responsible way for the benefit of all.

Strategic Land Resources

Bord na Móna has 80,000 hectares, located mainly in the Irish Midlands. Over the past seven decades, these lands have been used to produce milled peat and sod turf, mainly for the provision of energy. Many of the peatland areas have now reached the end of their productive life and are free for use for other purposes.

One of the main uses we see for these ‘cutaway’ areas is the development of onshore wind farms, accompanied in some areas with natural recolonisation and the creation of biodiversity and amenity uses – such as the 7km public walkway – cycleway at Mountlucas Wind Farm. Since the footprint of a wind farm is small, using only a fraction of the land area, it can coexist with other natural uses. The use of cutaway areas to develop wind farms would ensure this land continues to produce energy, in a cleaner, low-carbon form, of benefit to Ireland and Europe as a whole.

Studies indicate that the wind regime in the Midlands is suitable for onshore wind energy production. This combined with progress in wind turbine design make it the ideal location for wind farm development.

Bord na Móna Working Responsibly with Communities for over 75 Years

Bord na Móna is best known and trusted for its long association with communities and the peatlands of Ireland, providing energy on an industrial scale and creating a secure supply of power for the Irish people. Bord na Móna was first formed to meet challenges similar to those we face today: security of energy supply and the creation of economic stimulus. Our expertise is now invested in the development and provision of sustainable forms of energy.

As we make the transition, Bord na Móna will ensure that any development will be safe, clean and environmentally friendly. All developments will help to secure the future of the communities that we have worked with for over seventy years. We will continue to adopt best planning practice for wind harvesting.

World Class Peatland Engineering

Our expertise in peatland engineering has been developed within the company over 75 years. The unique challenges of working with peatlands have been solved by using conventional engineering disciplines to develop specialised solutions. Over many decades, this know-how has become internationally sought-after. Our technical leadership has extended to include infrastructure development on cutaway peatlands, like our windfarms at Mount Lucas, Bruckana and Bellacorick.