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Derryadd Wind Farm

Bord na Móna has selected three of its existing bogs in Co. Longford for the proposed development of a wind farm in the area. The proposed site spans across three bogs, known as Derryadd, Derryaroge, and Lough Bannow bogs, which are located in south Co. Longford. The three bog areas are generally circumscribed by the communities of Derraghan, Keenagh, Killashee and Lanesborough.

Bord na Móna has conducted a detailed site selection exercise to identify the optimal site for the development of a large-scale wind energy project. The study examined a number of cutaway sites within the Bord na Móna land bank and found that Derryadd, Derryaroge, and Lough Bannow bogs were the optimal sites for the proposed development. The company selected the proposed site for the following reasons:

  • It has a wind regime that will support a commercially viable wind farm.
  • There is close access to the national electricity grid.
  • There is relatively good road access to the site.
  • It is a brownfield site, the majority of which is already at the end of peat production.
  • It presents a clear expanse of land with minimal internal dwellings and is a reasonable distance from existing houses around the periphery of the site.
  • It will improve the geographical distribution of wind energy facilities nationally, and hence contribute to a more balanced input of wind energy to the grid.
  • It is located within an area identified by Longford County Development Plan 2015-2021 as suitable for wind farm development
  • The Midland Regional Planning Guidelines identify that the worked out peatland areas offer the potential for renewable energy installations, including wind energy.
  • Windfarms are considered an appropriate after-use of cutaway peatland.


The environmental assessment work at the site has shown that it is capable of accommodating approximately 90 Megawatts (MW) of
installed generating capacity. The project will essentially comprise of 24 wind turbines. Once complete, apart from access roads, normal pre-wind farm activity can resume right up to the turbine bases. It is expected that in the longer term the cutaway peatlands at Derryadd, Derryaroge and Lough Bannow will be allowed to recolonise to form a natural wildlife area.

Bord na Móna has published a revised layout for proposed Derryadd Wind Farm. The revised layout reviewed setback distances, height of turbines and subsequently the number of turbines against the new draft criteria outlined in the Preferred Draft Approach. More on this can be found on the Derryadd website.