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Land Use Form

To apply for the use of Bord na Móna land please fill in the form. Please note that you must meet the requirements set out below.


    (1) It is a requirement that Groups are Limited Liability Companies

    (2) Insurance requirements: Products and Employers Liability of €13m. Public Liability of €6.5m. Bord na Móna to be noted as a joint insured on Public/Products Insurance policies and Bord na Móna to be indemnified on Employers Liability policies. Please note that Bord na Móna may have additional Insurance requirements for specific activities.

    (3) Any additional details such as project plans, maps, costings etc should be attached to this form.

    Name of Project

    Name of Club/Group

    Email contact

    Club Officers (name and address)

    Is the group a Limited Liability company? (1)

    Is the group a not for profit organisation?

    Detailed Description of Project (to include location map)

    Who will use the facility?

    Project Benefits

    Is it proposed to carry out development works on site? (If yes, please attach details of the proposed works)

    And if so, will planning consent be required?

    Project Cost

    Details of Project Funding

    If grant funding is being provided please attach funding letter.

    Who will carry out long term maintenance?

    Will the Group meet Bord na Móna insurance requirements? (2) (see requirements at top of this page)

    Will the Group comply with all legal and licensing requirements?