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Bord na Móna’s people are its most important resource and the calibre and commitment of its employees are critical to the success of the company

Bord na Móna is committed to promoting health and wellness throughout its entire workforce. This stems from the company’s core values which encourage us to be – Resourceful, Engaging, and Respectful.

Bord na Móna’s people are our most important resource. The success of our company relies on the calibre and commitment of our employees. We therefore aim to ensure that our people are satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs. Having satisfied and fulfilled employees is the reason we ran the first of our Annual Engagement Surveys last December, and also re-launched our Health and Wellness programme.

An Annual Engagement Survey forms part of the company’s ongoing efforts to include staff in discussions around the way Bord na Móna is run. Our Health and Wellness Programme stages a number of events around health and wellness throughout the year. These events are based on four general themes: General Wellness, Physical Health, Nutrition, and Financial Wellness.

This type of activity is all part of a greater drive to match the people needs of the business with the personal needs of the employee. Very often those personal needs are not just the obvious elements of salary, safety, and career advancement, but also recognition, values and commitment.

As with any company, Bord na Móna’s employees are its ambassadors, and they will be the agents of change in the move towards a sustainable future.