Bord na Móna secures planning for €20m smokeless fuel Plant

Bord na Móna today secured planning permission from Limerick Co Council for a Smokeless Fuel plant in the port of Foynes. The facility will manufacture up to 150,000 tonnes of smokeless and biomass home heating fuels.  Bord na Móna is Ireland’s leading heating fuels company and has been successfully supplying smokeless fuels to Irish homes, and providing local employment in Foynes, for decades.  The company plans to substantially increase its range and supply of smokeless fuels to the Irish market.

Welcoming the announcement Bord na Móna Head of Fuels Eddie Scaife said “This is great news on a number of fronts. It’s good news generally for air quality in Ireland that we will be able to meet the future demand for smokeless, cleaner and greener fuels. Consumers will be able to choose Irish manufactured fuels with lower emissions. We are delighted to continue our support of the Limerick economy as the plant will generate 140 jobs during construction and a minimum of 60 jobs when it becomes operational.

Right now we are shovel ready to start construction. This will allow us to meet market demand for smokeless fuel when the ban on bituminous coal comes into place in heating season 2017-18. This development is good for the environment, good for jobs and good for consumers. We look forward to moving on site in the coming weeks”.

The project will generate 140 jobs during the construction phase. The facility will also generate 60 jobs when it becomes operational, not including indirect employment arising from stevedoring, material handling and local haulage.

Bord na Móna Fuels submitted its planning application for the development to Limerick City & County Council on the 26th June 2015.