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Birr Community School Trust

Bord na Móna operate a milled peat production site at Killaun Bog, 3km west of Birr in Co. Offaly. In the early 1990s a block of over 70 acres within this holding was identified as non-viable from a peat production point of view.

This area included virgin high bog, cutover and naturally regenerating tree cover. This mix of habitat types within one single block, which is accessible by road, was found to provide an ideal opportunity for the establishment of a conservation area.

Therefore a project was set up in conjunction with Birr Community School Trust and driven by Dr. John Feehan to preserve this site as an educational facility to provide a resource where the biodiversity of varying peatland habitats could be studied and monitored over time.

Over the years this highly successful project has proven an invaluable facility for the exploration of flora and fauna by many educational groups in a secure accessible environment thanks to continued co-operation between Bord na Móna and the trustees of the Birr Community School Trust.