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A Heritage of Community

Since its early days, Bord na Móna has been involved in various ways with its local communities, particularly in the Midlands

The Turf Development Board built hostels for the thousands of men who migrated seasonally to work in the midland bogs. These hostels housed over 100 men in some locations. As well as accommodation and meals, the hostels provided ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ canteens, film showings and recreation halls. Later, when less seasonal work was carried out, Bord na Móna decided to build houses for its employees in nine developments across the Midlands and the West.

As well as on a local level the work of Bord na Móna and its workers was vital to the Irish community at large. In a letter to Bord na Móna written in 1972, former President, Eamon de Valera, wrote: “The country was deeply indebted to Bord na Móna and its officers during the emergency and its contribution to the national economy since then is a source of pride to all”.

We take pride in our history and heritage, and from such auspicious beginnings, we are proud to continue the tradition of getting involved with helping and improving the communities across Ireland. Bord na Móna is committed to giving something back to the community, and has a proven track record in community schemes and sponsorships which add value to the people of Ireland.

We also take pride in ensuring the best use, and post-production use, of our peatlands. As such, we are proud to have areas of cutaway bogs that are now available as a local and tourist amenity.