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Join our Bord na Móna BioEnergy panel discussion at the National Ploughing Championships each day at 11am

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We will have a panel discussion each day at 11am at the National Ploughing Championships 2017, hosted by Matt Cooper on a range of topics relating to Bord na Móna BioEnergy (Block 3 – Row 25 – Stand 585).

We’ll be informing and educating people as to the role of the company, and the importance of the development of the biomass industry in order to meet Ireland’s renewable energy targets. Bord na Móna Bioenergy aims to be the largest supplier of sustainable biomass in Ireland.

Tuesday 19th September

Topic: What is Bord na Móna BioEnergy & what will it do?




Wednesday 20th September

Topic: Importance of Bord na Móna BioEnergy & biomass in supporting Ireland’s renewable energy targets



Thursday 21st September

Topic: Biomass Sustainability & Legal Sourcing (EUTR)