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Mountlucas Wind Farm

Mountlucas Wind Farm is located on 1,100 hectares of cutaway Peatlands near Daingean, Co. Offaly, and was commissioned in 2014. Mount Lucas forms part of the Derrygreenagh group of bogs that straddles the counties of Kildare, Offaly and Westmeath. Development work commenced on these bogs in 1952/53.

In 1955, Bord na Móna developed the Derrygreenagh Park housing scheme in Rochfortbridge, Co. Westmeath. This was built by Bord na Móna for employees of Derrygreenagh. It consisted of 100 houses. By doing this, Bord na Móna provided the local community with a much-needed livelihood. In 1958, the first milled peat production took place. When Derrygreenagh opened around 250 people were employed there.

By the 1970s, at peak periods, over 750 people were employed. Over the years Mountlucas bog supplied the local Croghan Briquette Factory which opened in 1961. In the mid 70’s Bord na Móna established a scheme that enabled tenants to purchase their houses outright. In 2000, due to falling demand, the local Croghan Briquette factory was closed. By 2001, the Mountlucas bog had ceased production operations. There are twenty-eight 3MW Siemens 3.0DD -101 turbines in operation in Mountlucas Wind Farm. These turbines have the capacity to generate 84MW of electricity, or enough power for over 45,000 homes. Mountlucas Wind Farm displaces 125,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.


Local Amenity

Approximately 1.5% of the area is used for the wind farm (turbine bases, roads, etc); this offers a huge opportunity for other uses of this cutaway bog – including a 10km public walkway-cycleway, that is served by car parks at both the north and east entrances. This amenity is open to the community for most of the year and is free of charge.  We are also taking bookings for guided tours of the facility. Find out more information about the Mountlucas amenity.


Community Gain Scheme

Bord na Móna has developed a community gain scheme in co-operation with the communities adjacent to the Mountlucas Wind Farm. Find more information on the community gains scheme.

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