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AES Waste Collection Services

AES is one of the leading Irish waste management companies with over 100,000 domestic customers and more than 4,000 commercial customers across Ireland

AES_bin_serviceBord na Móna’s Waste Collection business, AES, provide a wide variety of bins to facilitate kerbside collection of separately collected waste streams. AES offers a 4 bin collection system (Residual, Organic waste, Recyclables, and Glass) to household customers in a large number of towns and cities across the country.

Similarly, AES prides itself in providing appropriate waste segregation solutions tailored to the needs of any business from local shop to Blue Chip manufacturing company. Studies have shown that the recycling/recovery rate correlates directly with the number of bins provided.

For more information on AES domestic services visit where you can become a customer, order a skip or, if you’re an existing household customer, log in to My Account Online which lets you pay your bill online, top up your account, check your balance and view payments. You can also view your bin collection history and bin weights along with accessing statements.

Our Resource Recovery business unit works together with schools to promote and teach students how to use bins responsibly and recycle as much as possible. As part of our commitment to achieve this goal, we offer schools a chance to visit our recycling and landfill facilities to see firsthand how to make a difference. Looking for more information any of our tours?

Our Commitment – Improved Service Offering

The business seeks to provide ever higher levels of service to its household and commercial customers, thereby reinforcing Resource Recovery’s aspiration to be the service provider of choice. The business is also committed to continue providing innovative solutions for industrial and commercial customers.