What is a Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park?

A Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park harnesses the power of wind, solar, and other cutting-edge renewable energy technologies to generate clean, sustainable energy for businesses and communities. This innovative and sustainable development will revitalise 3,000 hectares of land in Offaly, Westmeath, and Meath, and is designed to meet Ireland's growing energy needs, drive energy security and self-sufficiency, and fuel the national and regional economies.

Our Eco Energy Park is the first of its kind in Ireland and will support large-scale industrial growth in Ireland, without putting excess pressure on the national grid. The park will effectively co-locate a variety of renewable and low-to-zero-carbon energy generation and storage assets alongside large energy users from a range of sectors, with the aim of helping them to pursue low-carbon growth in their operations. It will also provide significant contributions to associated enterprises, community initiatives, local amenities, and the surrounding natural environment. This co-location model drives down energy costs, reduces carbon footprints, and ensures a secure, reliable power source for all stakeholders.

Announcing our anchor tenant

Having completed our own Brown to Green journey, Bord na Móna is fully committed to supporting other businesses with their respective sustainability journeys, and we look forward to welcoming leading organisations from sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and ICT, among others, to join our Eco Energy Park in the coming years.

We are delighted to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the anchor tenant for our first Eco Energy Park. This strategic collaboration has the potential to bring significant investment to the Midlands region, creating hundreds of jobs throughout the construction phase alone.

This announcement marks yet another important milestone in Bord na Móna’s significant transition to become one of the leading renewable energy companies in the country, as our wider Eco Energy Park offering will support an accelerated delivery of our 5GW renewable energy pipeline - which ultimately will contribute to the achievement of Ireland’s 2030 climate action targets.

One Step Closer to Our 2030 Vision.

We are proud to be leading the charge in Ireland’s energy transition, ensuring our growth aligns with our environmental responsibility and contributes directly to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the accelerated delivery of Ireland’s climate targets for 2030 and beyond.

Climate action demands innovation and the Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park is a testament to our commitment to helping to realise a sustainable future, where Ireland can continue to thrive.

The Bord na Móna Eco Energy Park is built out of our commitment to renewable energy and decarbonisation. It places us at the forefront of building a future where economic prosperity and environmental protection go hand-in-hand.


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