Fire risk forecast – June Bank Holiday weekend

Bord na Móna wishes to advise it has a LOW-MODERATE fire risk forecast in place for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend.

The current company forecast comes at a time when the countryside is exposed to an increasingly higher risk of fire when more people enjoy outdoor activities.

Fire puts the lives of the people who have to fight them at risk, as well as causing major damage to property, wild life and habitats. Bord na Móna and the Fire Service reminds the public that it is illegal to set fires in growing vegetation between March 1st and August 28th.

Fires in the countryside can start easily and spread rapidly and pose a threat to people’s lives, homes and property. These fires are also responsible for the deaths of many species of wildlife.

Bord na Móna would also like to remind everyone enjoying the outdoors to refrain from lighting fires and to take care when disposing of lit cigarettes or other similar materials. We would also ask that anyone witnessing a fire on any area of bog or peatland to immediately alert the Gardaí and the Fire Service.

Bord na Móna and the Fire Service would like to thank you for your co-operation on this matter.