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A History of Bog Conservation

It is a little known fact that Bord na Móna has been in involved in ecology and conservation since the 1970s

In the early 1970s, an internal drive to preserve Irish ecology saw the purchase of a number of bogs, including Pollardstown Fen and Raheenmore Bog. A group of Bord na Móna employees recognised, before anyone else, the need to conserve and protect the best remaining examples of bogs for future generations. These individuals were Bord na Móna’s first ecologically minded employees and championed the conservation of bogs in Ireland both on the national and the international stages.


It was during the 1970s that they identified a number of bogs in Ireland and persuaded the Board and Management of Bord na Móna to set aside a number of bog areas for conservation. Pollardstown Fen, Raheenmore Bog and a suite of other well-known sites were purchased by the company purely for the purpose of conservation. These areas are preserved today because of the vision and foresight of these people.

After those bogs had been protected in the 1970s, a swathe of bogs were also conserved in the 1980s and 1990s, including Clara Bog, All Saint’s Bog, Mongan Bog and Bellacorick Flush. Bord na Móna’s commitment to bog conservation was founded on the knowledge of this band of pioneer ecologists.

Today, that commitment is being followed through by Bord na Móna and built upon as evidenced by the investment in a range of activities including the previous and current Biodiversity Action Plans.