Peatland Biodiversity


Biodiversity is everywhere, from gardens and hedgerows on our doorsteps, to woodlands and wetlands and bogs, rivers and coastlines, birds in trees, fish in rivers and bats in the roof.

Biodiversity both is all life on earth and supports all life on earth; as humans we depend on biodiversity for clean air and water, healthy soils, food, building materials, and medicines.

Because of this, the conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage is an integral part of good environmental management and essential to continued survival of human beings on Earth.

It is important that we all do our best to try to conserve biodiversity and give it a helping hand where we can. Peatland Flora Research This is Bord na Móna’s outlook and we are investing in biodiversity as part of our day to day work. A sound knowledge base is necessary in identifying the key areas that will have to be developed for biodiversity to allow for wise planning of the Bord na Móna bogs as peat production is phased out.

While industrial peat production will continue for a number of years, it is essential that we begin to plan now for the future.

Bord na Móna undertakes its activities cognisant of the natural environment and manages all of its peat production bogs according to best practice under Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Licenses issued and regulated by the EPA . Peatland Flora Research Once peat production ceases (currently active on up to 65,000ha of bog) the former peat production areas are termed cutaway bog. It is the cutaway bogs that will largely dominate the Bord na Móna bogs into the future as peat production is phased out and, as part of rehabilitation of those cutaway bogs under the watchful eye of the EPA, new landscapes will emerge over time to complement the existing natural peatland habitat networks.